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Coating Equipment for the Confectionery Industry

Nicomac is the answer to your sugar coating project needs. Nicomac is a candy manufacturing equipment and machinery supplier with automatic hard or soft sugar coating spraying using the unique Blow Master. Our systems perform high results with:

  • Chocolate coating
  • Peanuts coating
  • Nuts coating
  • Almonds coating
  • Hazelnut coating
  • Gum coating

Nicomac is a worldwide leader in confectionery production equipment such as sugar coating or palletizing machines and laboratory equipment.

Confectionary Coating Equipment

Our candy manufacturing equipment combines the need for a flexible solution with high quality and high performance and low energy consumption. Our equipment is designed in accordance with PLC –PC control system and provides high reliability. Our systems are able to deliver a high quality sugar or thin film coating basic for hard candy or soft candy.

Nicomac, market leader in coating process equipment is your preferred partner for:

  • Candy manufacturing equipment
  • Sugar coating spraying
  • Film coating
  • Sugar coating automatic system 

Please call us your to discuss your specific requirements. We will be glad to arrange a trial demonstrating the high performance and high quality of our coating systems.

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