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Nicomac is the right SOLUTION if you are looking for isolators, glove box supplier. Nicomac has a specialized department with high expertise & exceptional skill on Isolation Technology for both containment & sterile applications.

Manufactured and installed more than 150 isolators for various applications. 

Containment and Isolators & Glove Boxes

Nicomac success is due to the proven ability to produce advanced tailor-made solutions that meet client individual containment needs. Based on European technology, Nicomac with partner started designing and manufacturing Isolators in 2004

  • Isolators for high containment designed for oel up to 0.1μg/m3
  • Glove box
  • Containment glove box
  • Certified exposure device operator
  • Pass box
  • Material transfer technology
  • Split butterfly valves
  • RTP rapid transfer port technology

Nicomac and partner specialized in isolator technology joined their experiences, know how and their talent to design, develop, manufacture and supply Isolation Technology to pharmaceutical companies all over the world.

Nicomac has supplied and installed a completely contained granulation line with 5 kg capacity, for high potency products under isolator - OEL level of 0.1 µg/m3 in 8 hours. An ergonomic and high tech solution for:

  • Dispensing
  • HSM NicoMix
  • FBD NicoBed
  • NicoMill
  • Tumbler NiCO Mixers
  • NCS Coater
  • RTP Technology

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Containment and Isolators & Glove BoxesIsolatorsIsolatorsIsolators
IsolatorsGlove BoxesGlove BoxesGlove Boxes
Glove BoxesGlove BoxesIsolatorsIsolators

Please call us to discuss your containment requirements. We will be glad to work with you to provide a highly competitive and high technical proposal..

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