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Nicomac’s 250 square meter (2,500 sq ft) facility built with the unique Nicomac Clean Room system is available for in-house trial of solid dosage forms for pharmaceutical and nutritional products.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory for tablet manufacturing features the following Nicomac pharmaceutical laboratory equipment: 

  • Dispensing system
  • V and double cone blender
  • IBC tumbler
  • High speed mixer-granulator
  • Fluid bed dryer - granulator
  • Coating pan system for film, sugar and pellets with powder layering capability
  • Mixer, tablet press – pelletizing machine
  • Online environmental data logging system
  • Capability of handling batches ranging from 1 to 50 kg
  • Clinical trials
  • Research & development
  • Formulation optimization and scale ups according to FDA guidelines and small-scale production

Test and challenge Nicomac production equipment with your most difficult product and process!

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Dispensing areaV -and double cone blenderLab 9.9 Coating PanRapid Mixer and Fluid Bed
Fluid bed dryer - granulatorCoating pan system for film, sugar ad pellets with powder layering capabilityTablet pressOnline environmental data logging

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